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Trailers 4 U is a Division of MD Fabrication Services, an established business based in Staffordshire, whose expertise is the production of trailers of all sizes that are designed to be towed by cars and light vans. Our customers include advertising agencies, motor bike and quad bike enthusiasts and a wide range of businesses who use trailers of different types and sizes. See the wide range of trailers to customers to meet their specific requirements in our Photo Gallery.


We are prepared to provide stock trailers based on second-hand caravan chassis or to build your trailer from new components.

Pricing is based on the size of the Trailer and the facilities required. A Price List for all Advertising Trailers is shown in our Pricing Schedule. Other prices shown against each type of Trailer.  

Components used in manufacture comply with current safety requirements. Running gear is sourced from established companies with type approval.

Our delivery timescales are short - usually within a week or so - and delivery of trailers to your premises can be arranged for an additional charge based on the distance from Burton-Upon-Trent in Staffordshire. You may, of course, call at our workshops to collect your trailer personally.

Discounts are available for multiple orders for trailers or for customers who have additional trailers made in the future. Our growth and reputation is based on customer recommendations

 After sales service is provided at our premises and we can carry out refurbishment and updating work to existing trailers by arrangement.

 We can provide a range of add-ons to standard trailers. Just tell us what you require and we will cost it out, send you a written quotation and build the trailer to your requirements upon receipts of your oder and deposit. Our terms and conditions are shown on the Terms and Conditions Screen which you are welcome to print out.

In addition, we are able to provide a range of welding and fabrication services using the majority of welding techinques both in house and on your premises. Please ask for a quotation for any work you may require to be carried out. No job is too small. We will tell you straight away if we can carry out the required job for you. We don't take on challenges!!
Why not send us an email with your requirements and we will respond quickly with a phone call to discuss.
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